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Future Aims

Ko Farm project

A farm manager Mr Beyou, who has previous experience of managing a farm, is to be employed by FREED(UK) at a cost of 300GHC about £58 per month. The project will require initial set-up funds for seeds etc. Trustees will review after 12 months by which time the project should be self-sustaining and providing regular, fresh produce to the Nandom Hospital Kitchen, throughout the year. The trustees agreed to ask family and friends to set up standing order donations to help fund this project. If we can get 12 donations of £5 per month, this will cover the Farm Managers wages.

Midwives for Nandom Hospital

FREED(UK) members and friends will support the funding of Midwives to stay at Nandom Hospital for 5 years after qualification:

The cost per midwife is as follows:

Year 1: £480.00 plus £147 Total: £627.00 Fees

Year 2: £480.00

Year 3: £480.00

Midwives will be required to sign a contract which will state that FREED(UK) will pay the above fees if the midwife agrees to continue working at Nandom Hospital. This scheme worked very well for the 17 General Nurses previously sponsored by FREED(UK). It was agreed that the payments would be best split into monthly Standing Order payments, a) to ensure the funds are available when needed and b) to help the sponsors budget for the expense. The donations should start as soon as possible because the full first Years Fees will be needed in September 2015.

Year 1: £52.25 PER MONTH and Year 2 and 3 : £40 PER MONTH

We have 4 Trustees so far who have agreed to sponsor a midwife.

Future Visits to Ghana

Volunteers will be self-funded or can organise this through the charity name by personally organised fund-raising.

We have no plans to organise any fund-raising events at present but will support those organised by other parties.

Annual trips to Ghana will be to develop and support previous work. Training of local people to pass on skills is a priority. The support will be by Medical and Laboratory team as required.